SocketTools Product Evaluation  

If you install SocketTools without registering a serial number, the product will be installed with an evaluation license that is valid for a period of thirty (30) days. During this trial period, the SocketTools controls are fully functional and can be used on the development system where the product was installed. If you need to extend the evaluation period, please contact the Catalyst Development sales office by email at or by telephone at 1-760-228-9653, Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

Redistribution Restrictions

When using an evaluation copy of SocketTools, you cannot redistribute the controls to another system. If you build an application using an evaluation license, it will function correctly on the development system but will fail with an error on any system that does not have a license. Once you have purchased a development license, you should recompile your application before redistributing it to an end-user. If you need to test your application on another system during the evaluation period, you must install an evaluation copy of SocketTools on that system.

Runtime Licensing

When you purchase a development license, a runtime license key will be generated for you which will be included in your applications. Normally this runtime key is managed automatically when the control is placed on a form or referenced in a project. However, there are situations in which the key must be explicitly passed to the control's Initialize method. In all cases, if the product is installed as an evaluation copy, the runtime license key will be defined as an empty string. If you have previously installed an evaluation copy of SocketTools and then purchased a license, you can create the runtime license key using the License Manager utility.

For more information, refer to the Licensing and Control Initialization sections.