File Transfer Control Error Codes  
Value Constant Description
10001 fileErrorNotHandleOwner Handle not owned by the current thread
10002 fileErrorFileNotFound The specified file or directory does not exist
10003 fileErrorFileNotCreated The specified file could not be created
10004 fileErrorOperationCanceled The blocking operation has been canceled
10005 fileErrorInvalidFileType The specified file is a block or character device, not a regular file
10006 fileErrorInvalidDevice The specified device or address does not exist
10007 fileErrorTooManyParameters The maximum number of function parameters has been exceeded
10008 fileErrorInvalidFileName The specified file name contains invalid characters or is too long
10009 fileErrorInvalidFileHandle Invalid file handle passed to function
10010 fileErrorFileReadFailed Unable to read data from the specified file
10011 fileErrorFileWriteFailed Unable to write data to the specified file
10012 fileErrorOutOfMemory Out of memory
10013 fileErrorAccessDenied Access denied
10014 fileErrorInvalidParameter Invalid argument passed to function
10015 fileErrorClipboardUnavailable The system clipboard is currently unavailable
10016 fileErrorClipboardEmpty The system clipboard is empty or does not contain any text data
10017 fileErrorFileEmpty The specified file does not contain any data
10018 fileErrorFileExists The specified file already exists
10019 fileErrorEndOfFile End of file
10020 fileErrorDeviceNotFound The specified device could not be found
10021 fileErrorDirectoryNotFound The specified directory could not be found
10022 fileErrorInvalidBuffer Invalid memory address passed to function
10024 fileErrorNoHandles No more handles available to this process
10035 fileErrorOperationWouldBlock The specified operation would block the current thread
10036 fileErrorOperationInProgress A blocking operation is currently in progress
10037 fileErrorAlreadyInProgress The specified operation is already in progress
10038 fileErrorInvalidHandle Invalid handle passed to function
10039 fileErrorInvalidAddress Invalid network address specified
10040 fileErrorInvalidSize Datagram is too large to fit in specified buffer
10041 fileErrorInvalidProtocol Invalid network protocol specified
10042 fileErrorProtocolNotAvailable The specified network protocol is not available
10043 fileErrorProtocolNotSupported The specified protocol is not supported
10044 fileErrorSocketNotSupported The specified socket type is not supported
10045 fileErrorInvalidOption The specified option is invalid
10046 fileErrorProtocolFamily The specified protocol family is not supported
10047 fileErrorProtocolAddress The specified address is invalid for this protocol family
10048 fileErrorAddressInUse The specified address is in use by another process
10049 fileErrorAddressUnavailable The specified address cannot be assigned
10050 fileErrorNetworkUnavailable The networking subsystem is unavailable
10051 fileErrorNetworkUnreachable The specified network is unreachable
10052 fileErrorNetworkReset Network dropped connection on reset
10053 fileErrorConnectionAborted Connection was aborted due to timeout or other failure
10054 fileErrorConnectionReset Connection was reset by remote network
10055 fileErrorOutOfBuffers No buffer space is available
10056 fileErrorAlreadyConnected Connection already established with server
10057 fileErrorNotConnected No connection established with server
10058 fileErrorConnectionShutdown Unable to send or receive data after connection shutdown
10060 fileErrorOperationTimeout The specified operation has timed out
10061 fileErrorConnectionRefused The connection has been refused by the server
10064 fileErrorHostUnavailable The specified host is unavailable
10065 fileErrorHostUnreachable The specified host is unreachable
10067 fileErrorTooManyProcesses Too many processes are using the networking subsystem
10091 fileErrorNetworkNotReady Network subsystem is not ready for communication
10092 fileErrorInvalidVersion This version of the operating system is not supported
10093 fileErrorNetworkNotInitialized The networking subsystem has not been initialized
10101 fileErrorRemoteShutdown The server has initiated a graceful shutdown sequence
11001 fileErrorInvalidHostName The specified hostname is invalid or could not be resolved
11002 fileErrorHostNameNotFound The specified hostname could not be found
11003 fileErrorHostNameRefused Unable to resolve hostname, request refused
11004 fileErrorHostNameNotResolved Unable to resolve hostname, no address for specified host
12001 fileErrorInvalidLicense The license for this product is invalid
12002 fileErrorProductNotLicensed This product is not licensed to perform this operation
12003 fileErrorNotImplemented This function has not been implemented on this platform
12004 fileErrorUnknownLocalHost Unable to determine local host name
12005 fileErrorInvalidHostAddress Invalid host address specified
12006 fileErrorInvalidServicePort Invalid service port number specified
12007 fileErrorInvalidServiceName Invalid or unknown service name specified
12008 fileErrorInvalidEventId Invalid event identifier specified
12009 fileErrorOperationNotBlocking No blocking operation in progress on this socket
12101 fileErrorSecurityNotInitialized Unable to initialize security interface for this process
12102 fileErrorSecurityContext Unable to establish security context for this session
12103 fileErrorSecurityCredentials Unable to open client certificate store or establish client credentials
12104 fileErrorSecurityCertificate Unable to validate the certificate chain for this session
12105 fileErrorSecurityDecryption Unable to decrypt data stream
12106 fileErrorSecurityEncryption Unable to encrypt data stream
12201 fileErrorOperationNotSupported The specified operation is not supported
12202 fileErrorInvalidProtocolVersion Invalid application protocol version specified
12203 fileErrorNoServerResponse No data returned from server
12204 fileErrorInvalidServerResponse Invalid data returned from server
12205 fileErrorUnexpectedServerResponse Unexpected response code returned from server
12206 fileErrorServerTransactionFailed Server transaction failed
12207 fileErrorServiceUnavailable The service is currently unavailable
12208 fileErrorServiceNotReady The service is not ready, try again later
12209 fileErrorServerResyncFailed Unable to resynchronize with server
12210 fileErrorInvalidProxyType Invalid proxy server type specified
12211 fileErrorProxyRequired Resource must be accessed through specified proxy
12212 fileErrorInvalidProxyLogin Unable to login to proxy server using specified credentials
12213 fileErrorProxyResyncFailed Unable to resynchronize with proxy server
12214 fileErrorInvalidCommand Invalid command specified
12215 fileErrorInvalidCommandParameter Invalid command parameter specified
12216 fileErrorInvalidCommandSequence Invalid command sequence specified
12217 fileErrorCommandNotImplemented Specified command not implemented on this server
12218 fileErrorCommandNotAuthorized Specified command not authorized for the current user
12219 fileErrorCommandAborted Specified command was aborted by the server
12220 fileErrorOptionNotSupported The specified option is not supported on this server
12221 fileErrorRequestNotCompleted The current client request has not been completed
12222 fileErrorInvalidUsername The specified username is invalid
12223 fileErrorInvalidPassword The specified password is invalid
12224 fileErrorInvalidAccount The specified account name is invalid
12225 fileErrorAccountRequired Account name has not been specified
12226 fileErrorInvalidAuthenticationType Invalid authentication protocol specified
12227 fileErrorAuthenticationRequired User authentication is required
12228 fileErrorProxyAuthenticationRequired Proxy authentication required
12229 fileErrorAlreadyAuthenticated User has already been authenticated
12230 fileErrorAuthenticationFailed Unable to authenticate the specified user
12251 fileErrorNetworkAdapter Unable to determine network adapter configuration
12252 fileErrorInvalidRecordType Invalid record type specified
12253 fileErrorInvalidRecordName Invalid record name specified
12254 fileErrorInvalidRecordData Invalid record data specified
12255 fileErrorConnectionOpen Data connection already established
12256 fileErrorConnectionClosed Server closed data connection
12257 fileErrorConnectionPassive Data connection is passive
12258 fileErrorConnectionFailed Unable to open data connection to server
12259 fileErrorInvalidSecurityLevel Data connection cannot be opened with this security setting
12260 fileErrorCachedTlsRequired Data connection requires cached tls session
12261 fileErrorDataReadOnly Data connection is read-only
12262 fileErrorDataWriteOnly Data connection is write-only
12263 fileErrorEndOfData End of data
12264 fileErrorRemoteFileUnavailable Remote file is unavailable
12265 fileErrorInsufficientStorage Insufficient storage on server
12266 fileErrorStorageAllocation File exceeded storage allocation on server
12267 fileErrorDirectoryExists The specified directory already exists
12268 fileErrorDirectoryEmpty No files returned by the server for the specified directory
12269 fileErrorEndOfDirectory End of directory listing
12270 fileErrorUnknownDirectoryFormat Unknown directory format
12271 fileErrorInvalidResource Invalid resource name specified
12272 fileErrorResourceRedirected The specified resource has been redirected
12273 fileErrorResourceRestricted Access to this resource has been restricted
12274 fileErrorResourceNotModified The specified resource has not been modified
12275 fileErrorResourceNotFound The specified resource cannot be found
12276 fileErrorResourceConflict Request could not be completed due to the current state of the resource
12277 fileErrorResourceRemoved The specified resource has been permanently removed from this server
12278 fileErrorContentLengthRequired Request must include the content length
12279 fileErrorRequestPrecondition Request could not be completed due to server precondition
12280 fileErrorUnsupportedMediaType Request specified an unsupported media type
12281 fileErrorInvalidContentRange Content range specified for this resource is invalid
12330 fileErrorFeatureNotSupported The specified feature is not supported on this server
12350 fileErrorFileChecksumMismatch The local and remote file checksums do not match
12351 fileErrorFileSizeMismatch The local and remote file sizes do not match