FileType Property  

Gets and sets the current file transfer type for FTP transfers.


object.FileType [= filetype ]


The FileType property specifies the type of file transfer between the local and server. The file transfer types supported are:

Value Constant Description
0 fileTypeAuto The file type should be automatically determined based on the file name extension. If the file extension is unknown, the file type should be determined based on the contents of the file. The control has an internal list of common text file extensions, and additional file extensions can be registered using the AddFileType method.
1 fileTypeText The file being transferred is an ASCII text file. The characters the mark the end of a line (for example, a carriage return/linefeed pair under MS-DOS) are automatically converted to the format used by the target operating system.
2 fileTypeEBCDIC The file being transferred is a text file created using the EBCDIC character set. If a file is being uploaded, ASCII characters are automatically converted to EBCDIC. If the file is being downloaded, EBCDIC characters are automatically converted to ASCII.
3 fileTypeBinary The file is transferred without any modification. This is the default file transfer type, and should be used when transferring binary (non-text) data.

Data Type

Integer (Int32)

See Also

AddFileType Method, GetFile Method, PutFile Method