Passive Property  

Enable or disable passive mode file transfers.


object.Passive [= {True | False}]


The Passive property enables or disables passive FTP file transfers between the local and server. In passive transfer mode, the client is responsible for establishing the data connection between the server and the local system. By default, the Passive property is set to True, with the client establishing the data connection with the server.

The majority of FTP servers support passive mode transfers, and in most cases, passive mode is required when attempting to upload or download files when the client is behind a firewall or a router that performs Network Address Translation (NAT). However, if the Passive property is set to True and the server does not support passive mode, an error will be returned the next time a file transfer or directory listing is attempted. In this case, set the Passive property to False and attempt the transfer again.

Note that setting this property has no effect when uploading or downloading a file using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

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