OnAuthenticate Event  

The client has requested authentication with the specified username and password.


Sub object_OnAuthenticate ( [Index As Integer,] ByVal ClientId As Variant, ByVal HostName As Variant, ByVal UserName As Variant, ByVal Password As Variant )


An integer value which uniquely identifies the client session.
A string that specifies the host name that the client used to establish the connection.
A string that specifies the user name provided by the client.
A string that specifies the password provided by the client.


The OnAuthenticate event occurs when the client has requested authentication by sending the USER and PASS command to the server. The event handler can call the Authenticate method to authenticate the client session. If the client is not authenticated, the server will send an error message to the client and terminate the session.

If the application has created one or more virtual users using the AddUser method and/or the LocalUser property has been set to True, it is not necessary to implement an OnAuthenticate handler unless you also wish to perform custom authentication for specific users.

See Also

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