MaxGuests Property  

Gets and sets the maximum number of anonymous users that are permitted to connect to the server.


object.MaxGuests [= guests ]


The MaxGuests property specifies the maximum number of guest users that will be accepted by the server. Once the maximum number of connections has been established, the server will reject any subsequent connections until the number of active guest users drops below the specified value. A guest user is one that authenticates with the username "anonymous" and their email address as the password.

Changing the value of this property while a server is actively listening for connections will modify the maximum number of guest logins permitted, but it will not affect connections that have already been established. You can also use the Throttle method to change the maximum number of clients, the maximum number of clients per IP address and the rate at which clients can connect to the server.

The default value for this property is zero, disabling guest logins. If your server is accessible to the public and you decide to allow guest users, it is recommended that you set the Restricted property to True, and you should not grant permission for guests to upload files or execute registered programs using the SITE EXEC command.

Data Type

Integer (Int32)

See Also

MaxClients Property, Restricted Property, Start Method, Throttle Method