OnResult Event  

The command issued by the client has been processed by the server.


Sub object_OnResult ( [Index As Integer,] ByVal ClientId As Variant, ByVal Resource As Variant, ByVal ResultCode As Variant )


An integer value which uniquely identifies the client session.
A string that specifies the resource that was requested by the client.
An integer value that specifies the result code that was sent to the client.


The OnResult event occurs after the server has processed a command issued by the client. This event will inform the application whether the command that was issued by the client was successful or not. If the command was successful, then other related events such as OnExecute may also fire after this event.

The ResultCode parameter is a three-digit numeric code that is used to indicate success or failure. These codes are defined as part of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol standard, with values in the range of 200-299 indicating success. Values in the range of 400-499 and 500-599 indicate failure due to various error conditions. Examples of such failures would be attempting to access a file that does not exist, issuing an unrecognized command or attempting to perform a privileged operation.

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