OnReply Event  

The OnReply event is generated when reply to the ICMP echo datagram is received.


Sub object_OnReply( [Index As Integer,] ByVal SequenceId As Variant, ByVal RemoteHost As Variant, ByVal PacketSize As Variant, ByVal ElapsedTime As Variant )


The OnReply event is fired when a packet is echoed back from the remote system. Note that there is no guarantee that packets will be returned in the same sequence order they were sent or that they will be returned at all. This event is only generated when the Blocking property is set to False. The following arguments are passed to the event handler:

An integer which specifies the packet sequence number, which is used to uniquely identify each packet that is sent to the remote host. This value will increase for each ICMP echo datagram that is received.
A string which specifies the host name or IP address that returned the echo datagram.
An integer which specifies the size of the ICMP echo datagram that was received.
An integer which specifies the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since the packet was sent by the control. This value can be used to measure the latency between the local system and remote host.

See Also

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