Relay Property  

Enable or disable the use of an intermediate relay server to send messages.


object.Relay [= { True | False } ]


The Relay property is used to determine if the control will send the message directly to the wireless service provider's gateway server, or if the message will be relayed through another mail server. The default value for this property is False. Setting this property to True will cause the control to connect to the mail server specified by the ServerName property, authenticate the client session if necessary and then submit the message.

When a text message is sent using the SMTP service, the default action is to attempt to connect directly to the wireless service provider's gateway server. However, many residential Internet service providers (ISPs) do not permit their customers to connect to third-party mail servers and will block the outbound connection. Some wireless service providers may also reject messages that originate from residential IP addresses.

To resolve this issue, the developer should allow the user to specify an alternate mail server that will relay the message to the wireless service provider. For residential users, this will typically be the mail server provided by their ISP. For business users, this will usually be their corporate mail server. The ServerName and ServerPort properties are used to identify the relay server, and the UserName and Password properties provide the credentials to authenticate the client session.

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