WriteLine Method  

Write a line of data to the specified client session, terminated with a carriage-return and linefeed.


object.WriteLine( Handle, [Buffer] )


An integer value that specifies the handle to the client session.
An optional string which contains the data that will be sent to the remote host. The data will always be terminated with a carriage-return and linefeed control character sequence. If this argument is omitted, then a only a carriage-return and linefeed are written to the socket. Note that if the string contains a null character, any data that follows the null character will be discarded.

Return Value

This method returns True if the contents of the string have been written to the socket. If an error occurs, the method will return False.


The WriteLine method writes a line of text to the remote host and terminates the line with a carriage-return and linefeed control character sequence. Unlike the Write method which writes arbitrary bytes of data to the socket, this method is specifically designed to write a single line of text data from a string.

The WriteLine method should only be used to send text, never binary data. In particular, the method will discard any data that follows a null character and will append linefeed and carriage return control characters to the data stream. Calling this this method will force the thread to block until the complete line of text has been written, the write operation times out or the remote host aborts the connection.

The Write and WriteLine function calls can be safely intermixed.

See Also

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