KeyMap Constants  

The following table lists the constants which can be used as the index value with the KeyMap property array to map control or escape sequences to certain keys. These values are also used by the KeyMapped event when the user presses a mapped key.

Value Constant Description
0 nvtF1 F1 function key
1 nvtF2 F2 function key
2 nvtF3 F3 function key
3 nvtF4 F4 function key
4 nvtF5 F5 function key
5 nvtF6 F6 function key
6 nvtF7 F7 function key
7 nvtF8 F8 function key
8 nvtF9 F9 function key
9 nvtF10 F10 function key
10 nvtF11 F11 function key
11 nvtF12 F12 function key
12 nvtShiftF1 Shift F1 function key
13 nvtShiftF2 Shift F2 function key
14 nvtShiftF3 Shift F3 function key
15 nvtShiftF4 Shift F4 function key
16 nvtShiftF5 Shift F5 function key
17 nvtShiftF6 Shift F6 function key
18 nvtShiftF7 Shift F7 function key
19 nvtShiftF8 Shift F8 function key
20 nvtShiftF9 Shift F9 function key
21 nvtShiftF10 Shift F10 function key
22 nvtShiftF11 Shift F11 function key
23 nvtShiftF12 Shift F12 function key
24 nvtEnter Enter key
25 nvtErase Backspace key
Value Constant Description
26 nvtUp Cursor up key
27 nvtDown Cursor down key
28 nvtLeft Cursor left key
29 nvtRight Cursor right key
30 nvtInsert Insert key
31 nvtDelete Delete key
32 nvtHome Home key
33 nvtEnd End key
34 nvtPageUp Page up key
35 nvtPageDown Page down key
36 nvtArrowUp Up arrow key
37 nvtArrowDown Down arrow key
38 nvtArrowLeft Left arrow key
39 nvtArrowRight Right arrow key
40 nvtKeypadEnter Keypad enter key
41 nvtKeypad0 Numeric keypad 0
42 nvtKeypad1 Numeric keypad 1
43 nvtKeypad2 Numeric keypad 2
44 nvtKeypad3 Numeric keypad 3
45 nvtKeypad4 Numeric keypad 4
46 nvtKeypad5 Numeric keypad 5
47 nvtKeypad6 Numeric keypad 6
48 nvtKeypad7 Numeric keypad 7
49 nvtKeypad8 Numeric keypad 8
50 nvtKeypad9 Numeric keypad 9