UnregisterId Method  

Unregister a previously registered application identifier.


object.UnregisterId ( AppId )


A string which specifies the application ID to be deleted. If the application ID is a zero-length string or contains illegal characters, the method will fail.

Return Value

A value of True is returned if the application ID was deleted. Otherwise, a value of False is returned and the LastError property will return the specific cause of the failure.


The UnregisterId method deletes the internal storage identifier associated with the application ID and revokes all access tokens that were granted for the application. This operation is immediate and permanent.


Exercise caution when using this method. This will permanently delete all objects that were stored for the specified application. Calling UnregisterId and then RegisterId again using the same ID will force the system to create new access tokens for your application. You will not be able to regain access to the objects that were previously stored using that ID.

This method cannot be used to unregister the default storage application identifier SocketTools.Storage.Default. If this ID is specified, the method will fail with an error indicating that the ID is invalid.

See Also

AppId Property, Open Method, RegisterId Method, ValidateId Method