ObjectLabel Property  

Gets the label for the current object.




This property returns a string which specifies the label assigned to the current object by the application. Object labels are case-sensitive and must be unique for each object. An application uses labels to reference an object with a human-recognizable name, rather than referencing them by their object ID.

Object labels are similar to Windows file names, except they are case-sensitive. The maximum length of a label string is 511 characters. Leading and trailing whitespace (spaces, tabs, linebreaks, etc.) are ignored in label names.

Illegal characters include ASCII and Unicode control characters 0 through 31, single quotes (39), double quotes (34), less than symbol (60), greater than symbol (62), pipe (124), asterisk (42) and question mark (63). It is not possible to embed null characters in the label name.

Label names may contain forward slash (47) characters and backslash (92) characters, however it is important to note that objects are not stored in a hierarchical structure. An application can create its own folder-like structure to the labels it creates, but this structure is not imposed or enforced by the control.

Labels can contain Unicode characters which are internally encoded as UTF-8.

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