MailExchange Property  

Return the name of the mail exchange host for the specified domain.




The MailExchange property array returns the host name of the systems designated as the mail exchangers for the current domain. The mail exchange hosts are returned sorted in priority order, with the higher priority mail servers being listed first. The property array is zero based, which means that the first index value is zero. The HostName property must be set to the domain name that you want to obtain the mail exchange records for.

This property array is commonly used to determine which system is responsible for forwarding mail within a domain. For example, if a mail message is addressed to the user, you can determine the name of the server or servers responsible for accepting mail for that user by setting the value of the HostName property to and then checking the MailExchange property array. Note that it is possible that a domain will not have any mail exchange (MX) records, in which case you should attempt to to connect directly to a mail server running on the host specified in the domain name portion of the address.

Data Type



The following example places the all of the mail exchanges for a specific host into a listbox:

Dim nIndex As Integer

DnsClient1.HostName = Trim(Text1.Text)

For nIndex = 0 To DnsClient1.MailExchanges - 1
     List1.AddItem DnsClient1.MailExchange(nIndex)
     nIndex = nIndex + 1

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