EncryptedText Property  

Set the value of the current encrypted text string, or return the encrypted value of a plain text string.


object.EncryptedText [= value ]


The EncryptedText property is used to specify the current encrypted text value, or return the decrypted value of a previously encrypted string. If the property is set, the current text is changed to this value and reading the DecryptedText property will return the decrypted string for this value. If you are assigning a value to this property, it must be a base64 encoded string.

The value of the Password property will be used to generate the encryption key. If the Password property has not been set, or if it's an empty string, an default internal hash value is used to encrypt the data. Password values that exceed 215 characters will be truncated.

Due to how the encryption key is created internally, another third-party library or component cannot be used to decrypt the string value returned by this property. The encryption is performed using the 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm, and the key is generated using an SHA-256 hash of the password value. It is not possible to recover previously encrypted data if the password value is unknown.

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