SocketTools Control Error Codes  
Value Constant Description
10001 stErrorNotHandleOwner Handle not owned by the current thread
10002 stErrorFileNotFound The specified file or directory does not exist
10003 stErrorFileNotCreated The specified file could not be created
10004 stErrorOperationCanceled The blocking operation has been canceled
10005 stErrorInvalidFileType The specified file is a block or character device, not a regular file
10006 stErrorInvalidDevice The specified device or address does not exist
10007 stErrorTooManyParameters The maximum number of function parameters has been exceeded
10008 stErrorInvalidFileName The specified file name contains invalid characters or is too long
10009 stErrorInvalidFileHandle Invalid file handle passed to function
10010 stErrorFileReadFailed Unable to read data from the specified file
10011 stErrorFileWriteFailed Unable to write data to the specified file
10012 stErrorOutOfMemory Out of memory
10013 stErrorAccessDenied Access denied
10014 stErrorInvalidParameter Invalid argument passed to function
10015 stErrorClipboardUnavailable The system clipboard is currently unavailable
10016 stErrorClipboardEmpty The system clipboard is empty or does not contain any text data
10017 stErrorFileEmpty The specified file does not contain any data
10018 stErrorFileExists The specified file already exists
10019 stErrorEndOfFile End of file
10020 stErrorDeviceNotFound The specified device could not be found
10021 stErrorDirectoryNotFound The specified directory could not be found
10022 stErrorInvalidBuffer Invalid memory address passed to function
10024 stErrorNoHandles No more handles available to this process
10035 stErrorOperationWouldBlock The specified operation would block the current thread
10036 stErrorOperationInProgress A blocking operation is currently in progress
10037 stErrorAlreadyInProgress The specified operation is already in progress
10038 stErrorInvalidHandle Invalid handle passed to function
10039 stErrorInvalidAddress Invalid network address specified
10040 stErrorInvalidSize Datagram is too large to fit in specified buffer
10041 stErrorInvalidProtocol Invalid network protocol specified
10042 stErrorProtocolNotAvailable The specified network protocol is not available
10043 stErrorProtocolNotSupported The specified protocol is not supported
10044 stErrorSocketNotSupported The specified socket type is not supported
10045 stErrorInvalidOption The specified option is invalid
10046 stErrorProtocolFamily The specified protocol family is not supported
10047 stErrorProtocolAddress The specified address is invalid for this protocol family
10048 stErrorAddressInUse The specified address is in use by another process
10049 stErrorAddressUnavailable The specified address cannot be assigned
10050 stErrorNetworkUnavailable The networking subsystem is unavailable
10051 stErrorNetworkUnreachable The specified network is unreachable
10052 stErrorNetworkReset Network dropped connection on reset
10053 stErrorConnectionAborted Connection was aborted due to timeout or other failure
10054 stErrorConnectionReset Connection was reset by remote network
10055 stErrorOutOfBuffers No buffer space is available
10056 stErrorAlreadyConnected Connection already established with remote host
10057 stErrorNotConnected No connection established with remote host
10058 stErrorConnectionShutdown Unable to send or receive data after connection shutdown
10060 stErrorOperationTimeout The specified operation has timed out
10061 stErrorConnectionRefused The connection has been refused by the remote host
10064 stErrorHostUnavailable The specified host is unavailable
10065 stErrorHostUnreachable The specified host is unreachable
10067 stErrorTooManyProcesses Too many processes are using the networking subsystem
10069 stErrorTooManyThreads Too many threads have been created by the current process
10070 stErrorTooManySessions Too many client sessions have been created by the current process
10082 stErrorInternalFailure An unexpected internal error has occurred
10091 stErrorNetworkNotReady Network subsystem is not ready for communication
10092 stErrorInvalidVersion This version of the operating system is not supported
10093 stErrorNetworkNotInitialized The networking subsystem has not been initialized
10101 stErrorRemoteShutdown The remote host has initiated a graceful shutdown sequence
11001 stErrorInvalidHostName The specified hostname is invalid or could not be resolved
11002 stErrorHostNameNotFound The specified hostname could not be found
11003 stErrorHostNameRefused Unable to resolve hostname, request refused
11004 stErrorHostNameNotResolved Unable to resolve hostname, no address for specified host
12001 stErrorInvalidLicense The license for this product is invalid
12002 stErrorProductNotLicensed This product is not licensed to perform this operation
12003 stErrorNotImplemented This function has not been implemented on this platform
12004 stErrorUnknownLocalHost Unable to determine local host name
12005 stErrorInvalidHostAddress Invalid host address specified
12006 stErrorInvalidServicePort Invalid service port number specified
12007 stErrorInvalidServiceName Invalid or unknown service name specified
12008 stErrorInvalidEventId Invalid event identifier specified
12009 stErrorOperationNotBlocking No blocking operation in progress on this socket
12101 stErrorSecurityNotInitialized Unable to initialize security interface for this process
12102 stErrorSecurityContext Unable to establish security context for this session
12103 stErrorSecurityCredentials Unable to open client certificate store or establish client credentials
12104 stErrorSecurityCertificate Unable to validate the certificate chain for this session
12105 stErrorSecurityDecryption Unable to decrypt data stream
12106 stErrorSecurityEncryption Unable to encrypt data stream
12201 stErrorOperationNotSupported The specified operation is not supported
12202 stErrorInvalidProtocolVersion Invalid application protocol version specified
12203 stErrorNoServerResponse No data returned from server
12204 stErrorInvalidServerResponse Invalid data returned from server
12205 stErrorUnexpectedServerResponse Unexpected response code returned from server
12206 stErrorServerTransactionFailed Server transaction failed
12207 stErrorServiceUnavailable The service is currently unavailable
12208 stErrorServiceNotReady The service is not ready, try again later
12209 stErrorServerResyncFailed Unable to resynchronize with server
12210 stErrorInvalidProxyType Invalid proxy server type specified
12211 stErrorProxyRequired Resource must be accessed through specified proxy
12212 stErrorInvalidProxyLogin Unable to login to proxy server using specified credentials
12213 stErrorProxyResyncFailed Unable to resynchronize with proxy server
12214 stErrorInvalidCommand Invalid command specified
12215 stErrorInvalidCommandParameter Invalid command parameter specified
12216 stErrorInvalidCommandSequence Invalid command sequence specified
12217 stErrorCommandNotImplemented Specified command not implemented on this server
12218 stErrorCommandNotAuthorized Specified command not authorized for the current user
12219 stErrorCommandAborted Specified command was aborted by the remote host
12220 stErrorOptionNotSupported The specified option is not supported on this server
12221 stErrorRequestNotCompleted The current client request has not been completed
12222 stErrorInvalidUsername The specified username is invalid
12223 stErrorInvalidPassword The specified password is invalid
12224 stErrorInvalidAccount The specified account name is invalid
12225 stErrorAccountRequired Account name has not been specified
12226 stErrorInvalidAuthenticationType Invalid authentication protocol specified
12227 stErrorAuthenticationRequired User authentication is required
12228 stErrorProxyAuthenticationRequired Proxy authentication required
12229 stErrorAlreadyAuthenticated User has already been authenticated
12230 stErrorAuthenticationFailed Unable to authenticate the specified user
12251 stErrorNetworkAdapter Unable to determine network adapter configuration
12252 stErrorInvalidRecordType Invalid record type specified
12253 stErrorInvalidRecordName Invalid record name specified
12254 stErrorInvalidRecordData Invalid record data specified
12255 stErrorConnectionOpen Data connection already established
12256 stErrorConnectionClosed Server closed data connection
12257 stErrorConnectionPassive Data connection is passive
12258 stErrorConnectionFailed Unable to open data connection to server
12259 stErrorInvalidSecurityLevel Data connection cannot be opened with this security setting
12260 stErrorCachedTlsRequired Data connection requires cached TLS session
12261 stErrorDataReadOnly Data connection is read-only
12262 stErrorDataWriteOnly Data connection is write-only
12263 stErrorEndOfData End of data
12264 stErrorRemoteFileUnavailable Remote file is unavailable
12265 stErrorInsufficientStorage Insufficient storage on server
12266 stErrorStorageAllocation File exceeded storage allocation on server
12267 stErrorDirectoryExists The specified directory already exists
12268 stErrorDirectoryEmpty No files returned by the server for the specified directory
12269 stErrorEndOfDirectory End of directory listing
12270 stErrorUnknownDirectoryFormat Unknown directory format
12271 stErrorInvalidResource Invalid resource name specified
12272 stErrorResourceRedirected The specified resource has been redirected
12273 stErrorResourceRestricted Access to this resource has been restricted
12274 stErrorResourceNotModified The specified resource has not been modified
12275 stErrorResourceNotFound The specified resource cannot be found
12276 stErrorResourceConflict Request could not be completed due to the current state of the resource
12277 stErrorResourceRemoved The specified resource has been permanently removed from this server
12278 stErrorContentLengthRequired Request must include the content length
12279 stErrorRequestPrecondition Request could not be completed due to server precondition
12280 stErrorUnsupportedMediaType Request specified an unsupported media type
12281 stErrorInvalidContentRange Content range specified for this resource is invalid
12282 stErrorInvalidMessagePart Message is not multipart or an invalid message part was specified
12283 stErrorInvalidMessageHeader The specified message header is invalid or has not been defined
12284 stErrorInvalidMessageBoundary The multipart message boundary has not been defined
12285 stErrorNoFileAttachment The current message part does not contain a file attachment
12286 stErrorUnknownFileType The specified file type could not be determined
12287 stErrorDataNotEncoded The specified data block could not be encoded
12288 stErrorDataNotDecoded The specified data block could not be decoded
12289 stErrorFileNotEncoded The specified file could not be encoded
12290 stErrorFileNotDecoded The specified file could not be decoded
12291 stErrorNoMessageText No message text
12292 stErrorInvalidCharacterSet Invalid character set specified
12293 stErrorInvalidEncodingType Invalid encoding type specified
12294 stErrorInvalidMessageNumber Invalid message number specified
12295 stErrorNoReturnAddress No valid return address specified
12296 stErrorNoValidRecipients No valid recipients specified
12297 stErrorInvalidRecipient The specified recipient address is invalid
12298 stErrorRelayNotAuthorized The specified domain is invalid or server will not relay messages
12299 stErrorMailboxUnavailable Specified mailbox is currently unavailable
12300 stErrorMailboxReadonly The selected mailbox cannot be modified
12301 stErrorMailboxNotSelected No mailbox has been selected
12302 stErrorInvalidMailbox Specified mailbox is invalid
12303 stErrorInvalidDomain The specified domain name is invalid or not recognized
12304 stErrorInvalidSender The specified sender address is invalid or not recognized
12305 stErrorMessageNotDelivered Message not delivered to any of the specified recipients
12306 stErrorEndOfMessageData No more message data available to be read
12307 stErrorInvalidMessageSize The specified message size is invalid
12308 stErrorMessageNotCreated The message could not be created in the specified mailbox
12309 stErrorNoMoreMailboxes No more mailboxes exist on this server
12310 stErrorInvalidEmulationType The specified terminal emulation type is invalid
12311 stErrorInvalidFontHandle The specified font handle is invalid
12312 stErrorInvalidFontName The specified font name is invalid or unavailable
12313 stErrorInvalidPacketSize The specified packet size is invalid
12314 stErrorInvalidPacketData The specified packet data is invalid
12315 stErrorInvalidPacketId The unique packet identifier is invalid
12316 stErrorPacketTtlExpired The specified packet time-to-live period has expired
12317 stErrorInvalidNewsgroup Invalid newsgroup specified
12318 stErrorNoNewsgroupSelected No newsgroup selected
12319 stErrorEmptyNewsgroup No articles in specified newsgroup
12320 stErrorInvalidArticle Invalid article number specified
12321 stErrorNoArticleSelected No article selected in the current newsgroup
12322 stErrorFirstArticle First article in current newsgroup
12323 stErrorLastArticle Last article in current newsgroup
12324 stErrorArticleExists Unable to transfer article, article already exists
12325 stErrorArticleRejected Unable to transfer article, article rejected
12326 stErrorArticleTransferFailed Article transfer failed
12327 stErrorArticlePostingDenied Posting is not permitted on this server
12328 stErrorArticlePostingFailed Posting is not permitted on this server
12329 stErrorInvalidDateFormat The specified date format is not recognized
12330 stErrorFeatureNotSupported The specified feature is not supported on this server
12331 stErrorInvalidFormHandle The specified form handle is invalid or a form has not been created
12332 stErrorInvalidFormAction The specified form action is invalid or has not been specified
12333 stErrorInvalidFormMethod The specified form method is invalid or not supported
12334 stErrorInvalidFormType The specified form type is invalid or not supported
12335 stErrorInvalidFormField The specified form field name is invalid or does not exist
12336 stErrorEmptyForm The specified form does not contain any field values
12337 stErrorMaximumConnections The maximum number of client connections exceeded
12338 stErrorThreadCreationFailed Unable to create a new thread for the current process
12339 stErrorInvalidThreadHandle The specified thread handle is no longer valid
12340 stErrorThreadTerminated The specified thread has been terminated
12341 stErrorThreadDeadlock The operation would result in the current thread becoming deadlocked
12342 stErrorInvalidClientMoniker The specified moniker is not associated with any client session
12343 stErrorClientMonikerExists The specified moniker has been assigned to another client session
12344 stErrorServerInactive The specified server is not listening for client connections
12345 stErrorServerSuspended The specified server is suspended and not accepting client connections
12346 stErrorNoMessageStore No message store has been specified
12347 stErrorMessageStoreChanged The message store has changed since it was last accessed
12348 stErrorMessageNotFound No message was found that matches the specified criteria
12349 stErrorMessageDeleted The specified message has been deleted
12350 stErrorFileChecksumMismatch The local and remote file checksums do not match
12351 stErrorFileSizeMismatch The local and remote file sizes do not match
12352 stErrorInvalidFeedUrl The news feed URL is invalid or specifies an unsupported protocol
12353 stErrorInvalidFeedFormat The internal format of the news feed is invalid
12354 stErrorInvalidFeedVersion This version of the news feed is not supported
12355 stErrorChannelEmpty There are no valid items found in this news feed
12356 stErrorInvalidItemNumber The specified channel item identifier is invalid
12357 stErrorItemNotFound The specified channel item could not be found
12358 stErrorItemEmpty The specified channel item does not contain any data
12359 stErrorInvalidItemProperty The specified item property name is invalid
12360 stErrorItemPropertyNotFound The specified item property has not been defined
12361 stErrorInvalidChannelTitle The channel title is invalid or has not been defined
12362 stErrorInvalidChannelLink The channel hyperlink is invalid or has not been defined
12363 stErrorInvalidChannelDescription The channel description is invalid or has not been defined
12364 stErrorInvalidItemText The description for an item is invalid or has not been defined
12365 stErrorInvalidItemLink The hyperlink for an item is invalid or has not been defined
12366 stErrorInvalidServiceType The specified service type is invalid
12367 stErrorServiceSupended Access to the specified service has been suspended
12368 stErrorServiceRestricted Access to the specified service has been restricted
12369 stErrorInvalidProviderName The specified provider name is invalid or unknown
12370 stErrorInvalidPhoneNumber The specified phone number is invalid or not supported in this region
12371 stErrorGatewayNotFound A message gateway cannot be found for the specified provider
12372 stErrorMessageTooLong The message exceeds the maximum number of characters permitted
12373 stErrorInvalidProviderData The request returned invalid or incomplete service provider data
12374 stErrorInvalidGatewayData The request returned invalid or incomplete message gateway data
12375 stErrorMultipleProviders The request has returned multiple service providers
12376 stErrorProviderNotFound The specified service provider could not be found
12377 stErrorInvalidMessageService The specified message is not supported with this service type
12378 stErrorInvalidMessageFormat The specified message format is invalid
12379 stErrorInvalidConfiguration The specified configuration options are invalid
12380 stErrorServerActive The requested action is not permitted while the server is active
12381 stErrorServerPortBound Unable to obtain exclusive use of the specified local port
12382 stErrorInvalidClientSession The specified client identifier is invalid for this session
12383 stErrorClientNotIdentified The specified client has not provided user credentials
12384 stErrorInvalidClientState The requested action cannot be performed at this time
12385 stErrorInvalidResultCode The specified result code is not valid for this protocol
12386 stErrorCommandRequired The specified command is required and cannot be disabled
12387 stErrorCommandDisabled The specified command has been disabled
12388 stErrorCommandSequence The command cannot be processed at this time
12389 stErrorCommandCompleted The previous command has completed
12390 stErrorInvalidProgramName The specified program name is invalid or unrecognized
12391 stErrorInvalidRequestHeader The request header contains one or more invalid values
12392 stErrorInvalidVirtualHost The specified virtual host name is invalid
12393 stErrorVirtualHostNotFound The specified virtual host does not exist
12394 stErrorTooManyVirtualHosts Too many virtual hosts created for this server
12395 stErrorInvalidVirtualPath The specified virtual path name is invalid
12396 stErrorVirtualPathNotFound The specified virtual path does not exist
12397 stErrorTooManyVirtualPaths Too many virtual paths created for this server
12398 stErrorInvalidTask The asynchronous task identifier is invalid
12399 stErrorTaskFinished The asynchronous task has not finished
12400 stErrorTaskQueued The asynchronous task has been queued
12401 stErrorTaskSuspended The asynchronous task has been suspended
12402 stErrorTaskFinished The asynchronous task has finished
12403 stErrorInvalidAccountUuid The application account identifier is invalid
12404 stErrorInvalidAccountId The product identifier identifier is invalid
12405 stErrorInvalidProductId TODO
12406 stErrorInvalidSerialNumber The product serial number is invalid
12407 stErrorInvalidAppId The application identifier is invalid
12408 stErrorInvalidApiKey The application key is invalid
12409 stErrorAccountExists The application account identifier already exists
12410 stErrorAccountNotCreated The application account identifier was not created
12411 stErrorAccountNotFound The application account identifier was not found
12412 stErrorAccountNotExpired Access to this account has not expired
12413 stErrorAccountNotUpdated The application account could not be updated
12414 stErrorAccountExpired Access to this account has expired
12415 stErrorAccountRevoked Access to this account has been revoked
12416 stErrorApiKeyNotCreated The application key could not be created
12417 stErrorApiKeyNotFound The application key could not be found
12418 stErrorApiKeyNotExpired The application key has not expired
12419 stErrorApiKeyNotUnique The application key identifier is not unique
12420 stErrorApiKeyNotUpdated The application key could not be updated
12421 stErrorApiKeyNotDeleted The application key could not be deleted
12422 stErrorApiKeyExists The application key already exists
12423 stErrorApiKeyExpired The application key has expired and must be refreshed
12424 stErrorApiKeyRevoked TODO
12425 stErrorApiKeyAppId The application key has been revoked
12426 stErrorInvalidToken The application was not found or was not specified
12427 stErrorTokenNotCreated The access token could not be created
12428 stErrorTokenNotFound The access token could not be found
12429 stErrorTokenNotExpired The access token has not expired
12430 stErrorTokenNotUpdated The access token was not updated
12431 stErrorTokenNotDeleted The access token could not be deleted
12432 stErrorTokenExpired The access token has expired and must be refreshed
12433 stErrorTokenRevoked The access token has been revoked
12434 stErrorNoApiKeysFound No application keys found for this account
12435 stErrorNoTokensFound No access tokens found for this application key
12436 stErrorNoTokensRevoked No access tokens have been revoked
12437 stErrorInvalidStorageObject Invalid storage object identifier
12438 stErrorStorageObjectReadOnly The storage object is read-only
12439 stErrorStorageObjectExpired Access to the storage object has expired
12440 stErrorStorageObjectSize The storage object size exceeds storage limits
12441 stErrorStorageObjectDigest The storage object digest is invalid or cannot be computed
12442 stErrorStorageObjectExists A storage object with this label already exists
12443 stErrorStorageObjectModified A storage object with this label has been modified
12444 stErrorStorageObjectNotOwner The current user is not the storage object owner
12445 stErrorStorageObjectNotFound The specified storage object does not exist
12446 stErrorStorageObjectNotCreated The storage object was not created
12447 stErrorStorageObjectNotModified The storage object was not modified
12448 stErrorStorageObjectNotRenamed The storage object was not renamed
12449 stErrorStorageFolderEmpty The storage folder does not contain any objects
12450 stErrorStorageAccountQuota The storage account has exceeded its quota
12451 stErrorStorageAccountLimit The storage account has exceeded its object limit
12452 stErrorInvalidStorageType The specified storage type is invalid
12453 stErrorInvalidStorageProvider The specified storage provider is not available
12454 stErrorInvalidStorageRegion The specified storage region is not available
12455 stErrorInvalidStorageContainer The storage container does not exist or cannot be accessed
12456 stErrorInvalidStorageLabel The storage object label is invalid or undefined
12457 stErrorInvalidQueueHandle The specified queue handle is invalid or the queue has been deleted
12458 stErrorInvalidQueueFile The specified file identifier is not valid for this queue
12459 stErrorQueueRunning The operation cannot be performed while the queue is running
12460 stErrorQueueStopped The operation cannot be performed when the queue has stopped
12461 stErrorQueueEmpty There are no files in the specified queue
12462 stErrorQueuePaused The operation cannot be performed while the queue is paused
12463 stErrorQueueLocked The operation cannot be performed while the queue is locked
12464 stErrorFileNotQueued The specified file cannot be found in the queue
12465 stErrorEndOfQueue There are no more files in the specified queue
12466 stErrorTooManyFiles The maximum number of files have been queued for transfer
12467 stErrorNoQueuedTransfer No queued file transfer is currently in progress
12468 stErrorIvalidX509Certificate The specified X.509 format certificate is invalid
12469 stErrorInvalidPKCS12Certificiate The specified PKCS 12 format certificate is invalid
12470 stErrorInvalidCipherSuite The specified cipher suite is invalid or unavailable
12471 stErrorDeprecatedCipherSuite The specified cipher suite is insecure and has been deprecated
12472 stErrorInvalidCertificateChain The certificate chain could not be validated
12473 stErrorInvalidPrivateKey The private key for the certificate is invalid
12474 stErrorInvalidApiSession The application session identifier is invalid
12475 stErrorExpiredApiSession The application session identifier has expired
12476 stErrorInvalidApiToken The application token for this session is invalid
12477 stErrorExpiredApiToken The application token for this session has expired
12478 stErrorInvalidApiAuthId The authorization token for this session is invalid
12479 stErrorInvalidApiEndpoint The endpoint for the specified request is invalid
12480 stErrorInvalidApiPayload The data submitted with the specified request is invalid
12481 stErrorUnknownSessionOwner The current session owner is unknown or no longer valid
12482 stErrorRevokedSessionAuth The authorization token for this session has been revoked
12483 stErrorInvalidUrlScheme The scheme for the specified URL is invalid or not supported
12484 stErrorInvalidUrlHost The host name for the specified URL is invalid
12485 stErrorInvalidUrlPort The port number for the specified URL is invalid
12486 stErrorInvalidUrlPath The resource path for the specified URL is invalid
12487 stErrorInvalidContentType The content type is invalid or not supported
12488 stErrorUnknownContentType The content type cannot be determined
12489 stErrorInvalidCharset The specified character set is invalid or not supported
12490 stErrorInvalidCodePage The specified ANSI code page is invalid or not supported
12491 stErrorInvalidHeaderType The specified header type is invalid or not supported
12492 stErrorInvalidHeaderName The specified header name is invalid or not permitted
12493 stErrorInvalidHeaderValue The specified header value is invalid or not permitted
12494 stErrorHeaderNotFound The specified header value is undefined