ServerType Property  

Gets and sets the type of server the control is connecting to.


object.ServerType [= servertype ]


The ServerType property is used to specify the type of server the control will connect to. If this property is not explicitly set in code, then the control will attempt to automatically determine the correct server type based on the values of the ServerPort and Secure properties.

This property may return one of the following values:

Value Constant Description
0 fileServerUndefined Server type has not been set, and may be inferred from the ServerPort and Secure properties at connection time.
1 fileServerFtp Connection to a FTP server is desired, or has been achieved.
2 fileServerHttp Connection to a HTTP server is desired, or has been achieved

Note that many properties and some methods are specific to a server type. Attempting to use such properties or methods while connected to a server of a type that is not supported for that operation will result in an error.

Data Type

Integer (Int32)

See Also

Secure Property, ServerName Property, ServerPort Property, URL Property, Connect Method