MakeDirectory Method  

Create a new directory on the server.


object.MakeDirectory( RemotePath )


A string that specifies the name of the directory to create on the server. The naming and pathing conventions used for the directory must be compatible with what is used on the operating system that hosts the server.

Return Value

A value of zero is returned if the operation was successful, otherwise a non-zero error code is returned which indicates the cause of the failure.


The MakeDirectory method creates a new directory on the server. Note that you must have the appropriate permission to create a directory or an error will occur.

Servers may not support creating multiple subdirectories in a single call, so applications should not assume that this can be done. For example, an error may be returned by the server if the new directory name "/Projects/Today" is specified, but the "/Projects" directory does not already exist.

It is also important to note that files and directories on UNIX based systems are case sensitive, so the directory names "Projects" and "projects" refer to two different directories. This is not the case on Windows systems, where either name would refer to the same directory.

See Also

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