Encoding Property  

Gets and sets the character encoding that is used when a file name is sent to the server


object.Encoding [= flags ]


The Encoding property returns one of the following integer values:

Value Constant Description
1 ftpEncodingANSI File names are sent as 8-bit characters using the default character encoding for the current codepage. If the Unicode version of the functions are used, file names are converted from Unicode to ANSI using the current codepage before being sent to the server. This is the default encoding type.
2 ftpEncodingUTF8 File names that contain non-ASCII characters are sent using UTF-8 encoding. This encoding type is only available on servers that advertise support for UTF-8 encoding and permit that encoding type to be enabled by the client.

The Encoding property can be used to enable UTF-8 encoding of file names, which provides improved support for the use of international character sets. However, the server must provide support for UTF-8 encoding by advertising it in response to the FEAT command and it must support the OPTS command which is used to enable UTF-8 encoding. If the server does not advertise support for UTF-8, or the OPTS command fails with an error, then an exception will be thrown and the encoding type will not change.

Although it is possible to use the Features property to explicitly enable the ftpFeatureUTF8 feature, this is not recommended. If the server has not advertised support for UTF-8 encoding in response to the FEAT command, that typically indicates that UTF-8 encoding is not supported. Attempting to force UTF-8 encoding can result in unpredictable behavior when file names contain non-ASCII characters.

It is important to note that not all FTP servers support UTF-8 encoding, and in some cases servers which advertise support for UTF-8 encoding do not implement the feature correctly. For example, a server may allow a client to enable UTF-8 encoding, but once enabled will not permit the client to disable it. Some servers may advertise support for UTF-8 encoding, however if the underlying file system does not support UTF-8 encoded file names, any attempt to upload or download a file may fail with an error indicating that the file cannot be found or created.

Data Type

Integer (Int32)

See Also

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