OnLogout Event  

The client has logged out or reinitialized the session.


Sub object_OnLogout ( [Index As Integer,] ByVal ClientId As Variant, ByVal UserName As Variant )


An integer value which uniquely identifies the client session.
A string that specifies the username.


The OnLogout event occurs after the client has successfully logged out using the QUIT command or reinitialized the session using the REIN command.

The application should not depend on this event handler always being invoked when a client is disconnected from the server. This event only occurs when the client sends the QUIT or REIN commands and will not be invoked if the client connection is aborted or disconnected for some other reason, such as exceeding the idle timeout period. If the application needs to update data structures or perform some cleanup when a client disconnects, that should be done in the OnDisconnect event handler.

The application should not call the Disconnect method in the handler for this event because the client is either in the process of disconnecting or expects that it can submit new credentials to the server.

See Also

OnDisconnect Event, OnLogin Event