MultiUser Property  

Determine if the server should be started in multi-user mode.


object.MultiUser [= { True | False } ]


The MultiUser property determines if the server should be started in multi-user mode. If this property is set to True, each user will be assigned their own home directory which will be based on their user name. When a client authenticates as that user, its current working directory is set to the user's home directory. If this property is set to False, then all users will share the server root directory by default. This property does not affect the maximum number of simultaneous client connections to the server. To isolate users to their own individual home directory, set the Restricted property to True.

Setting this property to True will cause the server to create two subdirectories under the server root directory named Public and Users. The Public subdirectory is where public files should be stored, and also serves as the home directory for anonymous (guest) users. The Users subdirectory is where the home directories for each user will be created.

Attempting to change the value of this property after the server has started will cause an exception to be raised. To change this property value, you must first call the Stop method which will terminate all active client connections.

The default value for this property is False.

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