ClearHeaders Method  

Resets the the current request and response headers to their default values.





Return Value



The ClearHeaders method removes all custom header values for the current client session and clears the response headers for the previous request. This method is useful when using persistent connections and you want to ensure that any custom header values from the previous request will not be included with subsequent requests made during the same session. Because this method clears all of the request headers for the client session, this means it will also remove any cookies which have been set using the SetCookie method.

This method will clear any authentication credentials or tokens specified for the current client session. If the next request you make requires authentication, you must provide those credentials again using the Authenticate method.

It is not necessary to use this method if the KeepAlive property is False and you are not using persistent connections. The headers for the previous request are automatically cleared when a new connection is established.

See Also

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