ProxyType Property  

Gets and sets the current proxy server type.


object.ProxyType = [proxytype ]


The ProxyType property specifies the type of proxy server that the client is connecting to. The supported proxy server types are as follows:

Value Constant Description
0 httpProxyNone A direct connection will be established with the server. When this value is specified the proxy-related properties are ignored.
1 httpProxyStandard A standard connection is established through the specified proxy server, and all resource requests will be specified using a complete URL. This proxy type should be used with standard connections.
2 httpProxySecure A secure connection is established through the specified proxy server. This proxy type should only be used with secure connections and the Secure property should also be set to a value of true.
3 httpProxyWindows The configuration options for the current system should be used. If the system is configured to use a proxy server, then the connection will be automatically established through that proxy; otherwise, a direct connection to the server is established. These settings are the same proxy server settings configured in Windows.

If the httpProxyWindows proxy type is specified, then the proxy configuration for the local system is used. If no proxy server has been defined, then the proxy-related properties will be ignored and the Connect method will establish a connection directly to the server.

Data Type

Integer (Int32)

See Also

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