TaskList Property  

Return the task ID for an active background file transfer.




The TaskList property is a zero-based array that returns an ID associated with an active background task. The current number of active tasks can be determined using the TaskCount property. If the index value specified for this property array exceeds the number of active tasks, an exception will be thrown.

As background tasks complete and additional tasks are started, the values returned by this property array will change. The application should never make an assumption about the actual task ID values returned or the order they are returned. While task IDs are assigned sequentially, they should be considered opaque values that are unique to the process. When a background task completes, its corresponding task ID is removed from the list of active tasks and this can potentially change the task ID values associated with each index into the property array.

Data Type

Integer (Int32)

See Also

TaskCount Property, TaskId Property, AsyncGetFile Method, AsyncPutFile Method, TaskAbort Method, TaskWait Method