OnExecute Event  

The client has executed an external program on the server.


Sub object_OnExecute ( [Index As Integer,] ByVal ClientId As Variant, ByVal Resource As Variant, ByVal Parameters As Variant, ByVal Output As Variant, ByVal ExitCode As Variant )


An integer value which uniquely identifies the client session.
A string that specifies the resource that the client has requested.
A string that specifies any query parameters that have been provided by the client. The string will be empty if there were no query parameters included with the request. The query parameters in this string will be URL encoded.
A string that contains the standard output of the program that was executed. The format of this output depends on the application that was executed. If the program outputs control characters or other binary data, it will be replaced by spaces to ensure that only printable text is returned.
An integer value that specifies the exit code that was returned by the program.


The OnExecute event occurs after the client has successfully executed an external CGI program or script.

External programs must be registered by the server application using the RegisterProgram method. To enable the use of scripts, the RegisterHandler method can be used to associate an executable program with a specific file extension.

See Also

RegisterHandler Method, RegisterProgram Method, OnCommand Event