OnStop Event  

The OnStop event is generated when the server has stopped.


Sub object_OnStop ( [Index As Integer ] )


This event is generated after the Stop method has been called and all active client sessions have terminated. An application can use this event to update the user interface and perform any additional cleanup functions that are required by the application. If the server has a large number of active clients, this event may not occur immediately. The OnDisconnect event will fire for each client as the server is in the process of shutting down. During the shutdown process, the server is still considered to be active, however it will not accept any further connections. When the OnStop event is fired, the server thread has terminated and the listening socket has been closed.

This event will not occur if the server is forcibly stopped using the Reset method, or when the Uninitialize method is called prior to disposing an instance of the control. Applications that depend on this event should ensure that the server is shutdown gracefully using the Stop method prior to terminating the application.

See Also

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