AdapterAddress Property  

Returns the IP address associated with the specified network adapter.




The AdapterAddress property array returns the IP addresses that are associated with the local network or remote dial-up network adapters configured on the system. The AdapterCount property can be used to determine the number of adapters that are available.

Multihomed systems with more than one local network adapter, or a combination of local and dial-up adapters will not be listed in a specific order. An application should not make the assumption that the address returned by AdapterAddress(0) always refers to a local network adapter.

Note that it is possible that the AdapterCount property will return 0, and AdapterAddress(0) will return an empty string. This indicates that the system does not have a physical network adapter with an assigned IP address, and there are no dial-up networking connections currently active. If a dial-up networking connection is established at some later point, the AdapterCount property will change to 1, and the AdapterAddress(0) property will return the IP address allocated for that connection.

When using Visual Studio .NET, you must use the accessor method get_AdapterAddress instead of the property name, otherwise an error will be returned indicating that it not a member of the control class.

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