ClientAccess Property  

Gets and sets the access rights that have been granted to the client session.


object.ClientAccess [ = accessflags ]


The ClientAccess property is used to determine all of the access permissions that are currently granted to an authenticated client session and optionally change those permissions. For a list of user access rights that can be granted to the client, see User and File Access Constants.

When modifying the value of this property, it is recommended that you use bitwise OR and AND operands to set and clear specific bitflags. The exception is when using the httpAccessDefault permission. If you wish to reset the client session to use the default permissions based on the server configuration and client authentication, then you should assign this value directly to the ClientAccess property.

This property should only be accessed within an event handler such as OnCommand because its value is specific to the client session that raised the event. This property will always return a value of zero outside of an event handler, and an exception will be raised if you attempt to modify this property outside of an event handler.

Data Type

Integer (Int32)


' Allow the client to execute registered programs
HttpServer1.ClientAccess = HttpServer1.ClientAccess Or httpAccessExecute

' Prevent the client from listing files
HttpServer1.ClientAccess = HttpServer1.ClientAccess And Not httpAccessList

See Also

AddUser Method, Authenticate Method, OnAuthenticate Event