IdleTime Property  

Gets and sets the maximum number of seconds a client can be idle before the server terminates the session.


object.IdleTime [ = seconds ]


The IdleTime property specifies the maximum number of seconds that a client session may be idle before the server closes the control connection to the client. A value of zero specifies the default value of 60 seconds. If the value is non-zero, the minimum value is 10 seconds and the maximum value is 300 seconds (5 minutes). This value is used to initialize the default idle timeout period for each client session. The server determines if a client is idle based on the time the last command was issued and whether or not a data transfer is in progress.

The ClientIdle property can be used to determine the idle timeout period for a specific client. When the timeout period for the client has elapsed, the OnTimeout event will fire prior to the client being disconnected from the server.

Data Type

Integer (Int32)

See Also

ClientIdle Property, OnTimeout Event