StackSize Property  

Gets and sets the size of the stack allocated for threads created by the server.


object.StackSize [= bytes ]


The StackSize property returns the initial amount of memory that is committed to the stack for each thread created by the server. By default, the stack size for each thread is set to 256K. Increasing or decreasing the stack size will only affect new threads that are created by the server, it will not affect those threads that have already been created to manage active client sessions. It is recommended that most applications use the default stack size.

You should not change this value unless you understand the impact that it will have on your system and have thoroughly tested your application. Increasing the initial commit size of the stack will remove pages from the total system commit limit, and every page of memory that is reserved for stack cannot be used for any other purpose.

Data Type

Integer (Int32)

See Also

MemoryUsage Property, Start Method