Internet Control Message Protocol Properties  
Property Description
AutoResolve Determines if host names and IP addresses are automatically resolved
Blocking Gets and sets the blocking state of the control
HostAddress Gets and sets the IP address of the remote host
HostName Gets and sets the name of the remote host
Interval Gets and sets the number of milliseconds between ICMP echo packets
IsBlocked Return if the control is blocked performing an operation
IsInitialized Determine if the control has been initialized
LastError Gets and sets the last error that occurred on the control
LastErrorString Return a description of the last error to occur
PacketSize Gets and sets the size of an ICMP echo datagram
RecvCount Returns the number of packets that have been received
SendCount Returns the number of packets that have been sent
ThrowError Enable or disable error handling by the container of the control
Timeout Gets and sets the amount of time until a blocking operation fails
TimeToLive Gets and sets the time-to-live value for the ICMP datagram
Trace Enable or disable socket function level tracing
TraceFile Specify the socket function trace output file
TraceFlags Gets and sets the socket function tracing flags
TripAverage Returns the average packet trip time in milliseconds
TripMaximum Returns the maximum packet trip time in milliseconds
TripMinimum Returns the minimum packet trip time in milliseconds
Version Return the current version of the object