CreateMailbox Method  

Creates a new mailbox on the server.


object.CreateMailbox( MailboxName )


A string which specifies the name of the new mailbox to be created.

Return Value

A value of zero is returned if the method succeeds. Otherwise, a non-zero error code is returned which indicates the cause of the failure.


If the mailbox name is suffixed with the server's hierarchy delimiter, this indicates to the server that the client intends to create mailbox names under the specified name in the hierarchy. If superior hierarchical names are specified in the mailbox name, then the server may automatically create them as needed. For example, if the mailbox name "Mail/Office/Projects" is specified and "Mail/Office" does not exist, it may be automatically created by the server.

The special mailbox name INBOX is reserved, and cannot be created. It is recommended that mailbox names only consist of printable ASCII characters, and the special characters "*" and "%" should be avoided.

See Also

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