File Transfer Server Control Methods  
Method Description
AddUser Add a new virtual user to the server
Authenticate Authenticate the client and assign access rights for the session
DeleteUser Remove a virtual user from the server
Disconnect Disconnect the specified client session from the server
Initialize Initialize the control and validate the runtime license key
RegisterProgram Register a program for use with the SITE EXEC command
Reset Reset the internal state of the control to its default values
ResolvePath Resolve a path to its full virtual or local file name
Restart Restart the server, terminating all active client connections
Resume Resume accepting new client connections
SendResponse Send a result code and message to the client in response to a command
Start Start listening for client connections on the specified IP address and port number
Stop Stop listening for new client connections and terminate all client sessions
Suspend Suspend accepting new client connections
Throttle Limit the maximum number of client connections, connections per IP address and connection rate
Uninitialize Uninitialize the control and release any system resources that were allocated