CompareData Method  

Compare the data in a buffer with a stored object.


object.CompareData( ObjectLabel, Buffer )


A string which specifies the label of the object that should be compared against the contents of the buffer.
A string or byte array which contains the data that should be compared against the contents of the object. If the buffer contains binary data (particularly data that contains embedded null bytes) this parameter must be a byte array. String values should only be used for text comparisons.

Return Value

A value of True is returned if the contents of the buffer matches the contents of the specified object. Otherwise, a value of False is returned and the LastError property will return the specific cause of the failure.


The CompareData method performs a binary comparison of the data in the specified buffer with the contents of the storage object on the server. The amount of data in the buffer must match the size of the stored object exactly, or this method will fail. Partial comparisons are not supported by this method.

If you need to compare the contents of a file with a stored object, use the CompareFile method.

See Also

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