Domain Name Service Properties  
Property Description
HostAddress Gets and sets the IP address of the remote host
HostAlias Returns the aliases defined for the current hostname
HostAliases Return the number of aliases for the specified host name
HostFile Gets and sets the name of an alternate host file
HostInfo Returns information about the host system
HostName Gets and sets the name of the remote host
HostProtocol Set the protocol to return service information for the specified host
HostServices Return the well-known services available for the specified host
IsBlocked Determine if the control is blocked performing an operation
IsInitialized Determine if the control has been initialized
LastError Gets and sets the last error that occurred on the control
LastErrorString Return a description of the last error to occur
LocalAddress Return the IP address of the local host
LocalDomain Gets and sets the domain name for the local system
LocalName Return the name of the local host
MailExchange Return the name of the mail exchange host for the specified domain
MailExchanges Return the number of mail exchange records for the current host
NameServer Gets and sets the IP address of a nameserver
RemotePort Gets and sets the port number for a remote connection
Retry Set the number of times the control attempts to resolve a hostname
ServerAddress Return the address of the nameserver that resolved the query
ThrowError Enable or disable error handling by the container of the control
Timeout Gets and sets the amount of time until a blocking operation fails
Trace Enable or disable socket function level tracing
TraceFile Specify the socket function trace output file
TraceFlags Gets and sets the socket function tracing flags
Version Return the current version of the object