GetAllHeaders Method  

Return all of the request header values in the specified string buffer.


object.GetAllHeaders( ClientId, Headers )


An integer that identifies the client session.
A string variable that is passed by reference which will contain the request headers when the method returns.

Return Value

A Boolean value that specifies if the method was successful.


The GetAllHeaders method is used to obtain all of the request headers that were provided by the client. Each header name is separated from its value by the colon (:) and each header is terminated with a carriage return and linefeed (CRLF) sequence. Typically this method would be used within an OnCommand event handler. To get the value of a specific request header, use the GetHeader method.

Refer to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Headers for a list of common request and response headers that are used.

See Also

GetHeader Method, SetHeader Method, OnCommand Event