GetHeader Method  

Return the value of a request header for the specified client session.


object.GetHeader( ClientId, HeaderName, HeaderValue )


An integer that identifies the client session.
A string that specifies the name of the header field. Header names are not case-sensitive and should not include the colon which acts as a delimiter that separates the header name from its value.
A string variable that is passed by reference which will contain the value of the header when the method returns.

Return Value

A Boolean value that specifies if the method was successful.


The GetHeader method will return the value of a specific header field included in the request sent by the client. Typically this is used within an OnCommand event handler when the server application needs to process a custom command. The GetAllHeaders method can be used to obtain a copy of the complete request header block submitted by the client.

Refer to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Headers for a list of common request and response headers that are used.

See Also

GetAllHeaders Method, SetHeader Method, OnCommand Event