GetVariable Method  

Return the value of a CGI environment variable for the specified client.


object.GetVariable( ClientId, VariableName, VariableValue )


An integer that identifies the client session.
A string that that specifies the name of the environment variable. Variable names are not case-sensitive and should not include the equal sign which acts as a delimiter that separates the variable name from its value.
A string variable that is passed by reference which will contain the value of the environment variable when the method returns.

Return Value

A Boolean value that specifies if the method was successful.


The GetVariable method will return the value of an environment variable that has been defined for the client. Each client session inherits a copy of the process environment block, which is then modified to define various environment variables that are used with CGI programs and scripts. The SetVariable method can be used to change existing environment variables or create new variables.

The standard CGI environment variables that are defined by the server are not created until the client request has been processed. This means that environment variables such as REMOTE_ADDR and SERVER_NAME will not be defined inside an OnConnect event handler.

See Also

SetVariable Method, OnExecute Event