Internet Message Access Protocol Control Methods  
Method Description
Cancel Cancels the current blocking network operation
CheckMailbox Create a checkpoint of the currently selected mailbox
CloseMessage Closes the current message
Command Send a custom command to the server
Connect Establish a connection with a server
CopyMessage Copy a message from the current mailbox to another mailbox
CreateMailbox Creates a new mailbox on the server
CreateMessage Create a new message
DeleteMailbox Deletes a mailbox from the server
DeleteMessage Marks a message for deletion from the current mailbox
Disconnect Terminate the connection with a server
ExamineMailbox Selects the specified mailbox for read-only access
GetHeader Returns the value of a header field from the specified message part
GetHeaders Retrieves the headers for the specified message from the server
GetMessage Retrieve a message from the server
Idle Enables mailbox status monitoring for the client session
Initialize Initialize the control and validate the runtime license key
OpenMessage Open a message on the server
Read Return data read from the server
Refresh Updates the list of available mailboxes
RenameMailbox Change the name of a mailbox
ReselectMailbox Reselects the current mailbox
Reset Reset the internal state of the control
SearchMailbox Search the current mailbox for messages that match the specified criteria
SelectMailbox Selects the specified mailbox for read-write access
StoreMessage Retrieve a message from the current mailbox and store it in a local file
SubscribeMailbox Subscribes the user to the specified mailbox
UndeleteMessage Removes the deletion flag for the specified message
Uninitialize Uninitialize the control and release any system resources that were allocated
UnselectMailbox Unselects the current mailbox
UnsubscribeMailbox Unsubscribes the user from the specified mailbox
Write Write data to the server